Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm sure if you are reading this, you have probably heard about Minecraft. (For those of you who haven't, check out and youtube videos!) This game has been taking the world by it's different sort of styles.

First of all, this game is all blocks. This seems like a game from the 90's, but, it was only released in 2009. Now, the player controls a character, who has awoken on a beach (or a random block of sand), in a brand new world, with Pigs, Cows, Sheeps and Chickens. The player then starts to acquire resources from said world and build a shelter. Light is very necessary in this game, because if you do not have any light at night, thats when the mobs come for you.

The mobs are hostile creatures, there is the Skeleton, the Zombie, the Spider, The Creeper and VERY uncommonly, the Spider Jockey (A skeleton riding a spider!) The Skeleton holds a bow in his hands, and when you come within a close enough radius of him he will start shooting and chasing you. The Zombie is a slow moving mob, his attack is to punch, like the player would unarmed. The spider, is smaller than the player, but wider. It's a fast mob and jumps at you, so it's best to be on the higher ground when fighting one of these bad boys. The Creeper. A very popular, yet hated and feared name in the minecraft world. These mobs are the same height as the player, have 4 legs and no arms. Whenever a player hears the fuse sound coming from near them they know they need to run, as the creeper explodes when it comes close enough to the player.

Minecraft has registered over 600,000 users. If you haven't signed up, and you have seen this game and like it, I reccomend you to sign up now, no purchase is required to sign up, only when you want to buy the game. It currently costs 15 Euros, and is now in it's Beta stage, So what are you waiting for? Go get drawn into the Minecraft universe, and have a tonne of fun!


  1. can you give me a short summary of minecraft? i hear about it all the time

  2. yeah i keep hearing about it too, seems like i'm the only one who doesnt play it yet.

  3. Well, I'm gonna do another Minecraft blog soon. I'll try explain in it more detail for you guys.