Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of year exams!

I haven't posted anything in a while (again!) because of personal things, such as homework, family, etc etc. Anyways, now I have about 7 days left in school, before the end of year exams start. I'm not too worried about them though, because I've already passed NCEA Level 2. (Which is the system that they use in New Zealand to determine who passes through to the next level) And you only need 80 credits to pass, and i'm sitting on 89. I'm about to get some more from Drama and some other class that I can't actually remember right now. Anyways, each year i'm promised something nice from parents or grandparents or someone, and so since I've passed I don't need to worry about doing well in them, but I still am going to try my best. We are also getting Derived grades because of the earthquake, so I'm hoping that I won't need them because I will be able to do a lot better.

So here is my question to you; What is the best way to study? How do you study and what do you think helps YOU remember things for exams?

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