Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hello again!

Seeing as alot of people love Daft Punk, I thought I would share with you all a band just like Daft Punk. They produce the same kinda music as Daft Punk, theres 2 members in it, they are French, and they are also, absolutely awesome!

Their name is Justice. They hit the music scene around 2007, and their fan-base has been growing.

They currently have 3 albums out now and I reccomend all of them! D.A.N.C.E would have to be my personal favorite song by Justice, and it's won a few awards for it's video aswell!

They are rumored to be in the making of having a new album being produced at the moment, no confirmation as of yet, but fingers crossed for a new album! 

So of you like/love/worship Daft Punk you're gonna love Justice!

Picture: Justice doing there thing, live!


  1. i've heard of them, but havent heard much of their music...i'll have to check it out. thanks, following.

  2. Well Steve, If you adore Daft Punk, you really should listen yo Justice. It's like having more Daft Punk albums!

  3. Cool stuff dude, following now! Follow me back at Thanks!

  4. Justice remix that MGMT song electric feel right?

  5. Thanks James, and they sure did, dubstep!