Saturday, January 15, 2011

Minecraft update, new blogger!

Hey guys,

So, I've been playing Minecraft, and the update is awesome!
This update (from what I have experienced) has added a new mineable block, a new tree, dye (to dye wool awesome colors!), a dispenser, and a thing called a notebox (I think). Oh, theres also squids in the water now! And they drop ink sacks when you kill them, which gives you the ability to make black wool.

Okay, the new mineable block is pretty darn rare. I've been digging in my mine, and haven't found one! It's called the Lapis Lazuli and it's royal blue. This is used to make blue dye, or if you have enough a whole Lapis Lazuli block.

The dispenser, when hooked up to a redstone switch or pulzar can drop things out. This can also be used as a defence mechanism if you have enough arrows! Alternatively, you can hook it up to a button, which can just drop the things when the button is pressed.

The notebox, is made like a jukebox, except with redstone in the middle. When placed on a certain block, it will produce a different sound, for example; Cobblestone has a sort of low sound, whereas placed on wood it produces a sound which is higher than that of the Cobblestone.

The new tree's are Birch trees (I believe) and they have the same function as normal trees, they just look different. Instead of having brown bark, they have white and black bark. I don't really like the looks of them, but that's just my opinion.

So, thats it for now, and a special announcement!

A good friend of mine will be writing on this blog aswell as me. He's mainly going to be writing about the competitive gaming scene, mainly Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 2 and Counter-Strike: Source.
So give him some feedback for his first post and make him feel welcome!


  1. protip: you can also randomly find black sheep covered in fluffy fluffy black wool

  2. Wow, I can't wait to see the new changes to Minecraft. It must be my favorite game I've ever played! Great blog, by the way. Some really good stuff. Check out my blog about random poetry if you have any time. Peace!

  3. I've never played Minecraft, haha. Even though my friends are practically trippin' on it, I don't see why. It might be chill, but I dunno. What's so great about it?

    Anyways.. check out my blog? Thanks. ;D


  4. Minecraft is such a epic game, really need to get the valid version one day, love playing the classic so far.

  5. sounds cool, still havent found the time to get into this day i will.

  6. I really wish blue weren't so hard to find. My nephew and I play the game and have yet to get enough to make anything cool...

  7. minecraft is addicting and fun!!

  8. follow back and delete this comment

  9. WTF? How you use a dispenser as a weapon? My castle needs a sweet defense system.

  10. Minecraft is pretty cool. :D SSSSSSSSSSSS

    Follow me! :D

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