Monday, August 29, 2011

Some interviews!

Well, it's (once again) been forever since my last post, but I promise I will start posting more often now! Okay fine, don't believe me. Look at my sadface -> :(

Anyway, i've started lining up some interviews with some small time game developers! This means you guys will be able to start finding out about some of the new games that will be coming up soon! These games may or may not become well known, and may or may not be on popular gaming things such as Steam and Games for Windows Marketplace etc.

My first interview that I will be doing is one with someone known as 'Turkeybag'. His upcoming game which is still in pretty early stages is a 3D Zombie Survival game. From what I know (which isn't too much at this stage), you will be able to pick things up, and then replace them elsewhere, you have a limited inventory to carry around weapons, furniture etc, and you will need to beat many, many zombies with your hands.
There is also a game mode where you have 360 degree vision, which I have seen the video for and it's crazy!

So keep an eye out for the interview when it comes out. I'll post some screenshots oif Turkeybag lets me get some hands-on playtime with the game.

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