Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Interview with Turkeybag!

So I sent over a few questions to Turkeybag, and he responded with some really good, and insightful answers which gives us a good feel as to how the game is gonna be!

- First of all: What inspired you to make a game like this?
Well it would probably be both supernatural (TV series), and dead rising. I wanted to make a zombie game kinda like dead rising for ages but supernatural pretty much gave me most the ideas for game play that make this game stand out (such as salting your doors to keep demons out, using iron weapons to kill demons, weapons like the colt going into the storyline (maybe) and other things like that.)

- How long has it been in development for?
Can't remember lol. Think it's probably been about 9 months or so (since the beginning of the year) but I take brakes from making it (longest has been like a month) and I have lots of other things to do (School, real life issues, play games ) so the actual time spent working on it probably isn't high.

- Will there be a story mode? Or will this just be a sort of sandbox game?
It will be very very close to dead rising. There is a main story you can do if you want, you can do other side story-lines (these will be different and longer than dead risings though) that you find and there will be bosses all over the place to kill. Another thing I think people will enjoy doing is just trying to survive as long as they can. This is very hard as the longer you live, the stronger the mobs get and more types of mobs will keep showing up. I increase the stats manually also giving the mobs more abilities and evolving their look so it isn't like most games I've played where there's just more mobs and/or the stats are increased by a percentage every now and then. There are also 'boss mobs' as I call them that spawn every half hour or so to hunt you down. They are probably the main problem when trying to survive. It's all in one mode though.

- How many types of zombies do you plan for there to be in the end product?
Not quite sure. Well mobs all up there will probably be over 150! Alot of these will be the mobs evolving as that's pretty much a different mob (normal melee zombies start dodging and lunging and stuff like that)if you don't count that then there will still be quite a few. Maybe 30-60 counting bosses. Not 100 percent sure as I don't really have a plan set out for mobs yet. I just add what sounds fun 

- Do you think you will keep updating (in a minecraft sort of fashion, the way Notch is continually updating and says he will continue to after the full release) after the game has been released?
Well the game is gonna be released in parts so people can play it sooner. After I have finished all the parts (the game will be huge then) I will probably stop updating it as I should have enough money to get a pc that can use UDK. Then instead of updating it I'll make a sequel to it with 50x better graphics and overall better everything! Also probably with online play!

- Do you have any goals for when you want the game to be completed by?
Nope. It will be done when it's done. First major game I've started making so not sure how long it's gonna take but I'll try get it done as fast as I can.

- Do you want it to be released on Steam or Origin etc? Or will this be a buy from you type deal or will it be free?
The first part of the game will definitely be free. If I'm not getting enough donations the other parts will cost a small amount. One of the major reason for me making this is to get money to buy a computer that can use UDK. If I'm not getting enough money through donations to do that I will have to charge people :S
It will most likely be on steam.

- And finally, what will we be able to expect from the game when it's completed?
A main storyline, many side story-lines, some of the characters being alot less serious about things than most games (they joke alot!), a variety of mobs, bosses, and boss mobs to battle, the ability to make your own weapons out of stuff you find. You can put up to all the weapons you can hold into one weapon (you can pretty much make anything you can think of), a level system of some sort. It wont be very important to stuff (the whole game can be done at level 1 and it's not to much harder). Just gives new abilities and more things to enjoy. The last thing I can think of at the moment is weapons of mass destruction! Boss mobs will open hidden doors and passageways in places (places you haven't been will be opened first) letting you into rooms previously inaccessible that will contain some form of epic weapon. Everything from air strikes, to nukes, to giant laser breathing ponies that you can ride for a short time! (well maybe not the last one but you get the picture). This method encourages exploring!

Thanks a lot for that Turkeybag!
I will be putting up some screenshots of the game after I get it soon, probably in the weekend, so look out for them!

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