Monday, September 19, 2011

Minecraft 1.8!

Okay, I couldn't help myself. I had to make a post about the new Minecraft update!
1.8 Features HEAPS of new stuff! As soon as I realized it came out, I quickly jumped onto Minecraft, and made a new world.
Upon entering the new world, I noticed that the biomes were A LOT bigger, and that you started in a new one, rather than starting off on sand. The trees had vines coming down off them, and the grass was a kind of, sickly green. There were plenty of mushrooms on the surface, unless like past patches, when they were extremely rare, and only found underground. I decided that I should start finding a place to build. I made a temporary house for the night and, as day rolled around a continued on my travels.
After travelling for about 3 days (ingame of course) I finally found a good place to build. I built a small house for starters, due to lack of resources, and then finally made a mine. As I mined, it seemed as though nothing had changed with the underground, until I stumbled upon a cave system. I was excited, thinking of all the ores and enemies that it held for me. Stone sword and pick in hand I ventured in, lighting the way behind me. And then out of nowhere, I see a wood block. "WTF?" was going through my mind at this point, and then I realised I had found an abandoned mine! I explored it for a bit, and finding a few chests containing iron, bread and Melon Seeds, I headed back.
I decided that I should make a farm, and then when I was outside, I realised it was night time. I quickly hoed the land down, ran down to the sea and filled a bucket with water, and filled up my 1x5 hole with water. I planted the seeds, and just as I was about to go back into my house my crosshair stopped on something black, with purple eyes. The new mob 'Enderman'. "Oh god" I thought. I swapped to my sword and charged at him, he teleported away after the first hit. About 10 seconds later when I was in my house, he came back behind me, and dropped me down to 1 heart before I killed him.

This was my experience with the new 1.8 update, I'm really having a blast with it right now, I'm especially loving the new combat system, as fighting mobs has been one of my favorite parts of Minecraft. If you haven't already, update your Minecraft now, and get in on the action!

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